I had a lot of comments, emails, and personal conversations from yesterday's post on overcoming fear. Apparently, I'm not alone. Every time I write out my struggles, I find others who identify and relate >> some have been there and come through it, others are in the thick of it.  But in all cases, we know that God is not unprepared. His will is far greater than we could design on our own and He asks us one thing: to simply trust Him.

Earlier this week, I got an email from Kerry at My Life, His Mission (Yes, another Kerry this one with a y who has a blog about living her life to serve and love Jesus! How cool is that?).  God had been speaking to her to encourage women to find and name their identity that is found in Christ and she asked me to come on board and co-host a linkup where women can do just that.
Of course, I was all over it.
The inspiration came from the song, "Hello, My Name Is" by Matthew West. Here's what Kerry had to say about it:

"The message of the song is that as Christians, because of what Jesus did on the cross, our names have been changed.  

What the world says we are, what our parents or our friends say we are.  What the mirror says we are.  What magazines say we are is not the truth.  Anymore.

We are not rejected, we are accepted.
We are not used, we are loved.

We have a new name.  A new identity in Christ."  

Wow yes. Such truth is found in her words.
Last week, my name was "fearful." But because of the peace God provided when I called out to Him, He gave me a new name: "secure in faith." This is just one of the instances where Christ has taken my feeble human nature and molded it into something that looks more like Him.

Have you experienced anything like this?  As a believer in Jesus, do you feel him molding you? Changing you? Renaming you?

On April 5th, one week from today, Kerry and I will be hosting a linkup where we are inviting you to discover your new name in Jesus. Maybe it's a name He gave you when you finally surrendered your life to Him. Maybe it's a name He gave you this morning when you woke with a new peace or understanding of His will. Maybe you're still waiting for that new name to be given.  Take this week and spend time with the Father; reflect on His work in your life and claim your new name. Then, next Friday, link up and share your story. Share where you were or what you were called and then share what your new name is. Share your heart and give praise to the Savior for the work He has done. 

You can link up either here or with Kerry, as our blogs will be interlinked. And hey, feel free to grab the button and stick it on your blog somewhere or in your post and invite others to get involved as well.  What a great and unique way Kerry has come up with to share our testimonies during this Easter season as we reflect on what Christ went through to pay the debt we owed.

Hello My Name Is