If you're new here from the Influence Network linkup, I want to say a huge WELCOME!!
If you're not involved in the network, I really really recommend it. I love the forums and classes but most of all the strong community of believers to share with, support, and who challenge me! (in a good way ;)
You can be a member for as little as $5/month but if you choose the $10 membership you get a free class each month (classes are $10 anyways!).

Today I'm participating in a network-wide introductory linkup, where I've been asked to share a photo of myself that I love, three "get-to-know-me" things, and one valuable thing I've gained from the Influence Network. If you're a regular around here, this may be reduntant. Sowwys!

>>Photo from our recent Mission trip to India<<

I'm an (almost) 30 year old Florida girl who is living in Alabama and will soon be moving to Mexico to live full-time in the little village where I met my husband more than 6 years ago.

On my blog I talk a lot about being missional >> living our lives on a mission to share the love of Jesus, both here and around the world. I also talk about our marriage, lessons from God, and sometimes infertility, loss, and hope. We're a family who would love to adopt. Perhaps that's why I chose the photo I did. I see it as a possible future >> a family photo of sorts.

For five years I've taken teams of people from churches and colleges in Alabama on mission trips to both Mexico and India. Over the past year, the Lord has given me a vision of taking teams of bloggers on the same type of trips. Still praying through it.

I attended 
the Influence Conference last year -- a first for both the conference and for me. I'd never been to any type of blog conference or meet-up before. And while I was extremely nervous, it was also such an incredible experience. The community that the Network (which came out of the conference) facilities is such a blessing. I recently "attended" my first class on the Network -- Jessi's class on Sharing the Gospel, Using Words -- and learned so much. I actually wrote a post on it yesterday! If you have the time, I'd love you to click over and read what God told me about praying before posting

I love that the network has opened forums for Christian women to seek out godly counsel and advice and also provided a springboard for idea sharing and blossoming new partnerships.

I'll be back at the conference this September (got my ticket while we were at the last one) and really cannot wait to see what God does this year.  He's up to something. That much is certain.


March 5: Favorite movies you never get sick of.
Steel Magnolias | Romeo & Juliet | Blazing Saddles | 300
Southern Charm | Furious Love | Obvious Humor | Bravery

Want to know what movie YOU'LL never get sick of? 
*Hint* Harlem Shake video coming tomorrow of me and my church staff.
Oh yes, we did.