A story of why I have the best husband in the world >> split pants & all:

You're the kind of guy who I can call at work because I heard a noise that scared me. You're the one who tells me to check the doors & windows instead of making fun of me for feeling nervous.  You're the one I start hyperventilating to when my brain malfunctions and I can't figure out how to lock a simple window. You're the one who leaves work to come home and lock it for me. And you're the one who rips the seam in your scrub pants as you're running up the stairs to your car so you can get home to me as fast as you can, even though you knows I'm not in danger. You're the guy who cares about me and loves me even when I might be a bit over-dramatic.

You're the best husband. Universe included.
You don't even know.

Love, your girl.

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