A few weeks ago, I briefly mentioned that Satan had been attacking me with fear.

Fearful is one word I wouldn't normally use to describe myself.  And so to feel such a crippling fear -- the kind that kept me awake at night and brought me to tears in my bed -- it was a strange thing.

It's official: Wade and I have set a "date" for our move to Mexico.  We are going in August. Maybe the finality of that is where Satan found his foothold. All I know is that, suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere, I was being kept awake with visions and thoughts of Wade dying. Not just in Mexico, but in a car wreck, from disease, etc.  And it scared me.  Worry flooded my mind: questions of what I would do if that happened. How would I cope? How could I possibly live a life without him in it?

You guys. I prayed.  I knew that this fear wasn't from the Lord. In fact, this is something the Lord and I dealt with over a year ago when I spent focused time reading through Revelation to renew my excitement of life to come -- eternal life in His presence -- and stop any fear of death.

I'm not afraid to die.  I look forward to the day I see Jesus' face.  Just imagine.  It nearly brings me to tears to think of it.

But the idea of Wade going before me, and me being forced to live here without him was still a weak  spot in my faith.  And Satan hit it hard.

I'm happy to give glory to God that that fear is gone. Praise Jesus! And I don't want to keep it to myself. Today, I want to share with you my experience on how to overcome fear.

It all came full circle for me last Sunday. With Easter approaching, our church prepared to celebrate our Father's incredible sacrifice by observing communion. Before our time of worship, Wade and I were asked if we would be willing to help serve communion. Of course we said yes.  The Lord's Supper is the tool God first used to expose my need for Him when I was just a child and it holds a special place in my heart. 

As I stood, holding a goblet with what symbolized the blood of Christ, I prayed.  I asked God to reveal my sins and asked that He be honored in my actions in that moment.  One of our pastors took the stage and explained communion.  He said that, yes, it reminds us of the act that Christ performed with his disciples before He paid our ransom, but that it's also an opportunity to look ahead to why He did it >> why He died >> to reflect on His sacrifice so that we could spend eternity with Him, completely enveloped in His love and presence.

You guys.
Peace washed over. It was such an amazing experience to physically feel the fear leave me. I honestly had almost stopped noticing it... but there it lingered. And in that moment, as I fully remembered and refreshed my soul with a longing to be with Jesus, it was gone.

Easter is such an incredible time.  Jesus died. For you! For me! He did it. It's true. And then He fulfilled His promise that He would raise from the grave three days later. He overcame death.  He overcomes death.  This life is but a fraction.  Give it to Him.  He cherishes you and cares for you and loves you. 

Are you struggling with fear? With doubt? Do you know Christ's love that I'm speaking of?  I'd love to hear from you here or privately at thewilliamspost{at}gmail{dot}com