I knew it wouldn't take long for me to miss one of my "31 days" posts >> a 31 day blog challenge to let readers get to know a little bit more about me >> So, today you get two in one! Lucky us.

March 7: Your Dream Job
Honestly, I have it.
For the past 5 years, God has blessed me with the ability to first volunteer then work part-time as my church's Missions Coordinator. Basically, that means that I get to take teams of people on trips around the world to share the love of Jesus. It's pretty amazing.
Oh. And I get to be in amazing church staff videos like this one...
*hint* I may have found another opportunity to wear my Elmo costume.

How could I not miss this when we move to Mexico in just a few short months?

March 8: Biggest Pet Peeve
This would probably be people talking about their pet peeves. Hah. But yes, nothing wears me out faster than reading through rant after rant on Facebook. "Aint nobody got time for that!"

Have a fabulous Friday!
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