Pinterest is useful for many things, as I'm sure you all well know.  
I personally use mine for recipes, party ideas, and to kill time on a Saturday ;)  
But the most useful board I have within my 27, is the one I use for Weekly Meal Planning.

  • First things first: Create three recipe pinboards.
    1. All new recipes {Eat}
    2. Weekly Meal Planning {Meal Plan}
    3. For meals you've made and want to make again. {Repeat}
  • Browse recipes and pin to your heart's desire on Pinboard #1
  • I try to only pin food we would actual eat and try to keep my pins *mostly* healthy >> that way I won't be tempted. 
  • Also, I recommend you always check your pins. Many of those pretty pictures promise much but lead to no-where!

  • Every weekend, I sit down and sift through my #1 {Eat} Pinboard for meals I'd like to cook that coming week. 
  • Edit those pins and move them to #2 {Meal Plan} Pinboard. (This allows you to move pins around without them showing up over and over again on your friends' feeds)
  • I typically only choose 4 to 5 meals because there is a good chance I won't want to cook every night. And if I do, I'd rather add the meals later and take a second trip to the store. I prefer to buy fresh, anyways.
  • Edit the pins again from #2 {Meal Plan} Pinboard and write the day you plan to cook each meal in the comment box as well as any other notes, such as pairings/sides.
  • Make a shopping list. (This has also helped me save a ton of money, versus wandering aimlessly around the store trying to piece meals together. Also, I've found I waste less food this way.)
The next weekend, I move pins from #2 {Meal Plan} Pinboard to #3 {Repeat} Pinboard if it we liked it. If not, I delete it.  This leaves me with a clean board and I start all over again!

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