About a month ago (almost to the day) I wrote a post titled, "Pray before you Post" which led to a good bit of conversations from others who had been hearing the same thing from God or who suddenly found themselves wondering why they haven't been doing this either!

You guys. It's hard.
I just did it again.
Excuse me one moment.

See what I mean? Here I went again typing my little fingers away about PRAYING BEFORE POSTING -- of all things -- and HELLO?? I hadn't done it myself yet! It's that easy to forget.

Like I was saying, the morning after I published that post, I started working on a Ceviche recipe post to share later in the week. I had almost finished when the Lord stopped me with the realization that I had already forgotten what He taught me.  Or at least failed to put it to action.

It might seem silly to a reader to know that right then and there I stopped and prayed the following:
"God, I pray that someone will see this ceviche recipe on pinterest. I pray that they will click on it and come to my blog. While they're here, I pray that something on my sidebar will catch their eye and that they will start looking around this space of mine.  And when they do, I pray that they see You. That they meet You. And that they realize that You've been waiting to meet them."

So yes, when I say God told me to pray before I post, I'm saying even the ones about ceviche, which, let's face it, doesn't seem to have much to do with God.

Maybe you're thinking the same thing about your own blog or your own plans for the day:

"It's 'What I Wore' Wednesday. How do I ask God to be the author of that?"  God says: pray anyway.

"My plans for the day consist of cleaning the toilet and finishing 8 thousand loads of laundry. It's not likely I'll see or talk to anyone until my kids come home from school."  God says: pray without ceasing.

You see, what God is teaching me is that He's willing to use us if we just let Him.  So, by inviting His leading into our daily lives, He'll use that fashion post to show a woman, who feels like her body is her only sense of worth, that she can really find worth in a God who thinks she's beautiful, even when she's dressed modestly.

He will bless your busy day of chores by showing your family that He loves them so much that He gave them a mom/wife/daughter to take care of their every day needs.

And aside from that, He'll change you, too. He'll give you peace and purpose, even in the small things.

To help me remember, I created this simple background for my laptop. 
To get the full-size version, click here and download for free.

How's it going for you? Have you found it to be a challenge putting prayer before you write or speak?


I'm excited to spend time today in prayer as I ask God to speak through everyone who participates in the Hello, My Name Is linkup tomorrow.  My prayer is that we will find ourselves spending time with Him and allowing Him to speak into our lives in a way that translates in our writing. I'm asking Him to use our testimonies of life change to speak into the lives of others that they might see Him and know Him more.  I hope you'll join us tomorrow. I can't wait to hear the new name Jesus has given you!

  Hello My Name Is