The trip to Mexico started off a bumpy one.

As in, we hit a series of pot-holes somewhere between Tuscaloosa, AL and Meridian, MS and discovered - some 3 hours later - that said pot-holes had ejected my suitcase from the trailer we were pulling behind us. I kid not.

Thank you Jesus that I decided to take my camera bag out of my suitcase at the last minute!

As I sleepily walked out of the gas station at that midnight hour, I actually thought Wade was joking when he told me. But I quickly realized he was not.  Surprising myself, I didn't freak out.  My first thought was, "eh. It's just stuff."

Sure, it was all of the stuff I had brought with me to clothe and wash myself that week, but it was still just stuff.

I think my reaction had to do with the week I had had prior. Seeing God do this amazing big crazy thing in such a short amount of time had me on this incredible high.  Nothing was going to bring me down from that.  I learned along the way, however, that Satan was still going to give it his best try.

We also suffered from a tire blow-out on our drive to Mexico where Wade & I sat on the side of the road waiting for our friends to convince some road workers to please let them through the closed off returning road instead of taking the 90 mile detour after getting a new tire.  God kept showing us that He provides.

I made a super quick trip to Target and Sports Academy for the necessities and by 9pm that night (25 1/2 hours after leaving Bama,) we were finally in Mexico.

I started worrying again after the first day when "my family" was no where to be found and weren't replying to my facebook messages.  I started to wonder what I would do with the donations if they never showed up to their home in the village.  I can't tell you how silly (and relieved) I was to discover the next day that they had been at an ALL DAY prayer service for some church events they were having that week. I mean, seriously, how many times does God have to prove Himself before I stop doubting??

They were so so grateful.  We decided to wait until the summer trip when they will be moved into their new home to make a video as a thank you to all who gave.  The family wasn't all together as they had a death of a grandparent, and I really wanted everyone to be involved.

The week, as always, was full of sweet moments that have now taken up residence in my heart.  I just wish I had gotten a photo of Wade teaching Merlan what an "Eskimo kiss" is.  The smile and laughter that came from her after rubbing noses makes me smile even now. Precious, precious moments.

How was your week?