Somehow over the past year or so, I've become the go-to photo backdrop designer for our church. 
(Read: they know I spend too much time on Pinterest.)
See last year's Easter backdrop here.

This year, we kind of forgot about this until 4 days before the event, so I went with a simple yellow/grey balloon backdrop, inspired from this pin.

Here's what you need:
30+ balloons of assorted colors (I actually wish I had done more than 30. Maybe double?)
Balloon Time Helium Kit (sold at Walmart & party stores)
Ribbon (dollar store)
For the weights:
3 bags of small rocks (dollar store)
1 roll of tule
small rubber bands (like for hair braids)

Cut out 30+ squares of tule and fill with a small handful of rocks. Tie closed with the rubber bands. Double knot one end of the ribbon around the rubber band and measure out various heights for your balloons. Then, use the tank to inflate balloons and attach to the other end of the strings.

Upside -- You can't really mess this up.
Downside -- The Helium only lasts for 5-7 hours.  We had a Saturday night service, Sunday morning, and Sunday night service. So, I had to make this 3 times.  If you're going to need it longer than a few hours, it's probably not the best backdrop idea.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!
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