Spring is here! Like, for real this time! (I hope.)
You never really know anymore. The weather does what it wants.
But, regardless of how long it decides to stay, we had a great Saturday enjoying the beautiful weather at Big Spring Lake Park and filling our bellies with boiled crawfish at the Heads & Tails Crawfish Boil. I ate a whole pound of 'em, myself.

Since my mom's from the bayou, fresh crawfish are a treat that I often long for. Those little eyes do nothing on my conscience ;) 

Speaking of my mom, her husband is having a surgery this Thursday and I know they would covet your prayers. I'm going to be traveling to Houston this week to be with her while he has the procedure. I know you guys are prayer warriors & I can count on you! Email me if you want more deets.

Also, have you heard about my BIG crazy outta-the-realm-of-possibility idea?? Click below to see what it's all about!

Big Crazy Idea