So my trip to Mexico took an interesting turn.  Somewhere between Tuscaloosa Alabama and Meridian Mississippi, my suitcase jumped ship trailer. I honestly thought Wade was pulling my leg. But alas, he was not.  What's odd is that the first thing I thought was, "oh well. It's just stuff."
I think that reaction was caused by this amazing thing God did this week in providing $4000 in a mere 7 days for a single family in Mexico to be able to have their "dream home."  If I don't trust that God will provide for us after THAT, then I'm missin' something.

Speaking of God's provision, check out what God is letting my friend Elle do to impact the lives of three orphans in India. It's pretty awesome.

Hey Friends! 
I am so thankful to Kerrie for allowing me to come and greet you all here in this space of hers and to share with you something the Lord has placed on my heart. 

Following my senior year of high school, the Lord orchestrated in an incredible way a trip to Africa which was totally unexpected. You can read the details here
Since then, the Lord has been laying things related to that trip even more specifically on my heart. Changing me to love like He loves in many ways.
Breaking my heart for those who feel unloved.

Giving me a heart specifically for orphans, adoption and Africa.
You'll have to watch this space to see what He continues to do with those heart stirrings. 
I have no idea what the future will hold and what the Lord has planned for us specifically yet. 
I am hoping doors will open for us to pursue foreign adoption at some point.
Maybe even heading to Africa long-term should that be what He calls us to.
But for now, while waiting on further leading, I feel His particular burden to care for orphans where I am now, even if unable to adopt at this point in life.

To make it a priority to take action. Even if that doesn't require packing a suitcase and heading halfway around the world.

'Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.'
James 1:27

The way I felt the Lord laying on my heart to care for orphans was through an organisation called the Mocha Club. They are an incredible organisation with existing long term projects in Ghana, Kenya and Zimbabwe who work to provide for orphans and vulnerable children.
So this month I am partnering with them in doing something called a purpose project. I raise a specific amount of money for their orphan care projects, then should I meet my goal....I do a project so that my fundraising has a purpose. 

The Goal: Raise $750 for orphan projects ongoing in Ghana, Kenya and Zimbabwe 
(This will provide care for 3 orphans for a year) 
My Project:  Once the money is raised, I will be running a 5K race aiming to beat my high school record of 26mins. 
(I have started training!)

How can You help?

I am looking specifically for people to partner with me financially. 

I realise money is tight for so many people right now. Myself included. But any donation NO MATTER HOW SMALL helps achieve this goal of working together to change the lives of three orphans.
I opted to give up a Starbucks latte a few times this month and instead donate to the project. (So even $5 will help!)
I can't do this without your help, friend. =) 

I would also love it if you would share about this project through social media! 
Please tweet or post to fb so that others may hear about this project!  

Thanks so much for reading, sharing, donating, however you are able to help! 
I am so thankful for each of you! 

Much Love! 

Now, I must rest up so I can share my week in Mexico with you all! In a nut shell: It was full of sweet sweet moments.

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