Wow. This week has been one unlike any other! Between my step-dad's surgery, my horribly not funny day, and this BIG CRAZY fundraiser, the emotions have been on full charge.

I didn't expect to see you until Monday night when you and the others were going to pick me up in Mississippi on our way to Mexico, and while I hate all I went through to get home early, I'm always so thankful for extra time in this life with you next to me.

Seeing you as I walked off of that plane, I swear, it was like a romantic comedy. I don't know which I was more excited about: hugging and kissing you or taking the meds I knew you brought me! (just kidding.. it was totally you ;) and the meds... combined.

But really, once again, there you were: My Knight in Shining Scrubs.  Thank you for going in late to work so that you could pick me up from the airport and tuck me in at home.  Out of all the things you brought me (nausea medicine, allergy medicine, ginger ale, and more), my favorite would have to be the Tilamook Cheese. I've been eating it as my meals ever since. Yes. Just the cheese. It pairs well with a coke zero. It's like Oregon came to Alabama and I'm livin' it up hippie-style. I might not even wash my hair. *insert you saying, "what else is new"*

We are about to travel to our favorite place - MEXICO!  This makes me insanely happy. Especially because there are no plans, just a little vacay with our "family" down there. I'm excited to start making more plans for our move down there (which is in like, 5 months, BTW.) and for you to give Sylvia the money for her roof that you have been working overtime for. Have I ever told you how much I love your generosity? It's a lot. You are such a picture of Jesus in my life.  (why did you marry me, again?) Oh yeah. Cause you think I'm hot. KIDDING. (not kidding)

I love you babe.

Love, Your Girl.

Psst.. 24 hours left in my One Week//One Family//One New Beginning Fundraiser! I'm so exited to tell you guys that as of right now, with the online and in person donations combined, we are less than $500 from the goal!

Big Crazy Idea