Yesterday was like "whoa."
Have you ever had one of those? A day like "whoa?"

Yesterday morning I woke up to a new $20 donation for this big crazy idea I had to help a family very close to my heart in Mexico be able to move into a house with power, water, and new opportunities. In one week, I wanted to raise $4000 to make that happen. Told ya -- Big and Crazy.

I did some math after that donation and found out that I was going to need $571/day to meet that goal.  Doubt creeped in as I drove to work. That was impossible!  
Then, I looked to see just exactly how much had been raised the day before (Day 1): $571

I kid not.

It's like God was telling me, "Kerrie. I've got this. Don't worry."

Then, the day went on and my fundraiser page remained quiet.  I have to be transparent here: I worried. Just a lil.

Then 5pm hit and Holy-Canoli >> Things started happening!
By 11pm, donations had gone from $571 to $1450+!


Want to get involved?

Big Crazy Idea

I'm headed to Houston today for my step-dad's surgery. Prayers are really appreciated. Please pray for him to have a safe and successful surgery and for my mom and his kids/grandkids to be covered in peace throughout the whole thing. 

Before I go, I wanted to share this new/updated "pray before you post" reminder with you. The photo is from our day at the park and there's just something so calming about it for me.  Feel free to download the full-size version here.