Do you ever get tired of talking or hearing about yourself? In this social-media led world, it's not hard to do. A few days ago it happened to me.  Twitter, facebook, instagram, blogging -- while I hope that I mostly am pointing to Jesus, I can't deny that a lot of it points to me. As I took the time to think about this, I started to feel this stir to take time off. Actually, I felt it, did my best to ignore it, and continued to feel it, and finally give in. All too often that's how it is when it comes to me and God.

Here's the plan:

My anniversary is this week (4 years!! So exciting!) and I fully plan on soaking up a ton of hubby time with a trip to the beach (also, so exciting!). I'm not going to post and am planning to keep it minimal in the social media world - if I post there at all.  But I'm not going to be taking a break from this online world all together. Instead, I want to dive in even deeper.  I want to read, comment, have conversations about others!  I want to invest in your lives and work on my community.  So, that's the deal. See you in your neck of the woods.

I'll be back to mine in about a week.

P.S. In my absence, I don't want you to miss this AMAZING OPPORTUNITY that I'm blessed to be a part of this week:

On Monday, April 29th, together with a bunch of great gals from the Influence Network, we're offering a giveaway for a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to the Influence Network on Heather Boersma's blog!  So be sure to head over there and enter. You won't regret it.