We're so blessed to not only have great parents of our own, but God saw fit to give us an extra pair down in Mexico, and we couldn't be more thankful for them.

Mama Sylvia and her husband Juan have really taken us under their wing. (And I feel confident that many others could easily say the same -- they're that great.)

This sweet couple owns the busiest little tienda on the block. They are currently working to finish a cement-block addition to the back of their store for them to live in. And, when they finish, they've given strict instructions that Wade & I are to move into their previous home - which just so happens to be nestled between the missionary housing and their store/new home.  It's so perfectly ordained by God.

Every time we come, I hestitate to buy any groceries because I KNOW that she's going to make sure we are over fed. From her checking on Wade first thing in the morning to see if she can make his "tea de India" for him, to cooking a meal and then sneaking us over to her little kitchen to eat with her (or, I should say, to watch us eat -- she never actually eats WITH US,) to preparing meals for the whole group and spending all day doing so, to refusing to let me pay for things I buy in her store half of the time, to sending us off on our way home with enough sweet bread to feed an army ;) -- Sylvia takes care of us.

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