It was one of the craziest days I've ever experienced.

Let's just start from the beginning.

I flew to Houston on Thursday for my step-dad's brain surgery.  After 12 hours in the waiting room, we gladly learned that not only did they get the entire tumor out, but it was benign!! Less than 1% of patients at MD Anderson Cancer Center end up with a benign tumor. That means 99% are cancerous, which just breaks my heart. It was such a celebration to learn that James won't have to go through radiation or chemo.  Thank you Jesus!

The doctors started saying that they may let him go home early.  After seeing how well he was doing, I decided to catch an early flight home on Friday night.

Friday morning comes and I wake up with a bad headache. Like, my entire head. My throat hurts too so I assume it must be allergies/sinus related.  I got ready, popped some ibuprofen, and headed to the hospital.  Once I got there, we got to see James (who is looking GREAT by the way! yay!) but I started feeling even worse.

After talking to my mom, we decide I should go back to the hotel to rest and then go back home.

(I should stop here to describe the hotel: It was a great price, and the staff were very nice, and I loved the decor. Kind of like a little Alamo with wood paneled walls and rich colors. It was cute. But the cleaning crew used a very strong smelling product which reminded me of the intense incense they use in India.  It was STRONG.)

So, I went back to the hotel on a shuttle and by the time I got there, I only had 1 hour until I had to check out.  They wouldn't give me a later check out so I had to be out by noon.  I laid down for an hour in misery, breathing in that strong incense. No relief. In fact, as I wheeled my bags to the lobby, I felt worse than ever.

Since my flight wasn't until 7pm, I decided to have the hotel shuttle take me back to the hospital where I planned to find a nice couch to rest on until I had to get to the airport.

I got to the hospital and as I was walking down the hall pulling my bags behind me, I felt it happen. I was about to throw up. I needed to get to a bathroom STAT.  I stopped a nurse and asked her to direct me to the closest bathroom while I literally held my lips closed to keep it down.  (TMI I know, but I feel like I want to really describe this day in detail. Lucky you ;) I got there, dropped my things, and ran into the stall.  A few other people came in and I just couldn't do it. I can't throw up in front of people.  So I somehow held it down.  I started texting my sisters. I'm not sure why because they were in different states and couldn't come help me, but I just didn't want to go through this alone (Wade was sleeping at home before his night shift and my mom was going through enough with her husband just coming out of brain surgery!)

My sister did some research and told me to go the the Emergency Center inside the hospital I'm in. I really wanted some zofran so I woudn't get sick on the plane, so I did. I was the only non-cancer patient, which means I'm last priority.  I get that. Trust me, I do.  While I'm waiting to be seen (and feeling silly for going to the ER for a headache and nausea) I'm also on the phone with the shuttle company trying to schedule a ride to the airport.  I needed to be picked up at 4pm. It was 12:30. They tell me that my flight info says that my flight isn't at 7pm but that it's at 1:00 and so they can't pick me up in time.  It was so frustrating because they refused to pick me up even though I KNEW my flight was at 7.  I was looking at the itinerary on my phone! They basically told me I was wrong and wouldn't budge. I hung up and called a taxi company instead.  (actually, as it turns out, in my sickness and crying and being frustrated, I accidentally booked a luxury car. Lord help me.)

Finally, at about 2pm they bring me back for some questions because I'm not a patient at that hospital.  I tell the nurse I feel like I could throw up at any moment.  She gives me some bags "just in case" and puts me back in the waiting room because they don't have any space available in the ER.  As soon as I sit back down, I run to the bathroom and it finally happened. It must have sounded bad because the nurses started knocking on the door asking if I was ok and telling me they are going to set up a bed in the ER hallway so I can get seen even though there are no rooms available.

I should also mention, I'd been crying pretty much the whole time. It was just a LOT.

They take me upstairs and put me on a bed in the hall across from a bathroom. I can't lay down because I feel so horrible.  I must have looked horrible too, because every single hospital worker that passed stopped to ask me if I was ok, ask me if I wanted to lay down, what was wrong with me, do I want them to adjust the bed, get a blanket, a pillow, etc.  It was very nice, but it was so hard to talk because it made me feel worse.  It didn't take long before the conversations became too much and I had to get to a bathroom again. And fast.  The one across from me was occupado and so I stopped a doctor and asked where I could go. As he ran with me and yelled to the nurses ahead to make sure that bathroom was clear, I realized I wasn't going to make it. I pulled out the bag they had given me. Thank goodness for that bag. While it was horrible, I think it helped because as soon as I got back to my hall-way bed, the nurse was waiting with an IV and some zofran. She said she was going to go ahead and give me some even though the doctor hadn't seen me yet. God bless her.

It was 3pm at this point and she thought I should probably see if my taxi luxury car could pick me up at 4:30 instead. So yeah. I'm on the phone with the transport company and getting an IV put in at the same time. At that moment, the doc comes up. I'm on hold with the transport company, the doctor is checking me, and I've got an IV in.  It was laughably insane.  The transport operator comes back on and the doctor tells me I might be able to make it at 4:00 so I had to ask the operator to please hold while the doctor checks me.  She was so nice to do so.  Everyone the whole time was so nice.  He seems to think I'll make it in time so I told the operator to leave it as it was.  I hang up and direct my attention to the doctor, who then tells me a bunch of nothing. Just being honest.  He kept insinuating that I could be pregnant even though Aunt Flow was currently visiting, and then told me I could have an ectopic pregnancy after I also told him about my infertility condition. Way to freak someone out, doc.  (these things are not correct, just to clarify). Then he says maybe it's because I hadn't had coke that day.  Seriously? no. I have maybe one a day. It's NOT that.  Either way, the zofran helped the nausea. I couldn't take anything for my head because they brought me Tramadol which makes me sick. Yeah that wasn't going to happen.  So I left with a calmer stomach but kept the raging headache.

I made it to the curb JUST in time to meet my car.  While I felt dumb for ordering a towncar instead of a taxi, it was such a blessing. I was able to sleep the whole time and the driver was so great.  I just wanted to get home.

I didn't eat anything all day because I was scared of being sick on the plane, but by the time I got on my flight, I only had the headache and it was becoming more pin-pointed instead of over my entire head.  Praise the Lord! I made it home and was greeted by husband, a phenorgrin, two sudafed, and a gingerale. Just was the doctor ordered. Dr. Wade that is.  It's great being married to a pharmacist.  I felt 100x better by the time we got home, where he had me stocked up with my favorite pasta salad from the Fresh Market and a block of Tillamook Cheese. He's the best :)

Crazy day, right?  But I'm so happy to be feeling well now. SO HAPPY.

In spite of that crazy day, I was uplifted many times by emails that people had donated to help this BIG Crazy Idea.  I hadn't even posted about it on FB or twitter that day, and still, people were giving.  You don't know how encouraging that was for me.  We are now on the brink of meeting the goal half way!  (less than $50 away from it!)  I would LOVE to raise every penny, but one thing I know about God is: He will take what we give Him and make it more than enough (bread and fish, anyone?). I'm so incredibly thankful and overwhelmed and blown-away by everyone who got behind this in prayer, who shared it on their FB and twitter, and who donated.

Would you consider helping?  Maybe giving $10 towards the cause?  Visit here or give on the widget to the right.  I'm getting so excited about letting the family know when we get to Mexico next week an then being able to share that moment with you all!  I can't wait!!

Oh! And other good news: James did so well, that he is coming home TODAY!!

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*thank you mom for coming to check on me when you had bigger things going on, to my sisters for helping me via text, to the incredible nurses at MDA, my driver to the airport for being so sweet, to Megan for calling at just the right time, and my husband for having EVERYTHING I needed to feel better when I made it home. And to God, for answering my prayer of not throwing on up on the plane. Big thank you for that one.