In the past, I've done "photo-by-the-hour" posts to show what a day in my life is like. Well, today I forgot to do that as part of this prompt.  What's interesting about a Day In My Life is that they are always completely different. For instance, Monday (which for most people is the most dreaded day of the week) is usually one of my favorites because Wade is off work every monday. He is either getting off a week's worth of working that morning, or he's starting one that evening. But either way, he's up, and he's home.

This past Monday, we did lots of fun things:

  • Starbucks and errands
  • Picked up a bit around the house
  • Went for brunch
  • Visited with Wade's grandmother
  • Went range-shooting on Wade's family's land
  • Visited with Wade's mother
  • And finished the night with Hibachi

See? Fun!

Tuesday was just as fun, but totally different.

  • Ran errands & I finally decided on a birthday gift for Wade! Whew!
  • Finished off left over Hibachi
  • Cleaned the house, top to bottom.
  • 3 Loads of laundry
  • Ironing
  • And preparing dinner
  • All with a little music and tv playing in the background.

And It was still fun because it was so productive.

And today? Today is going to be even more fun! Today we are driving 9 hours for "Beach Anniversary Weekend Part 2!" Then we'll be doing a lot of eating, laying on the beach, and playing with my adorable nephew again.  Good times. Good times :)