The coverage from Oklahoma is just unreal.
 Blogging is always a strange river to navigate after a huge tragedy, but as this seriously inspirational girl reminded me,
 I never want to hesitate to celebrate the moments with the people I have as I have them. 
I'm so thankful to God for putting Wade and others in my life and it's my hope that He is made known in my love for them!

If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw me using the hashtag #anniversaryredo a lot last weekend. That's because my seriously amaze-ball husband decided that, because of the constant onslaught of rain during our official anniversary beach vacay, we needed a do-over. This time, sans rain.  And it was fantastic.

We stayed at One Ocean Resort & Spa, a relatively new hotel in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. It's really a great hotel, mostly because of the staff. By the end of the weekend, I felt like we knew everyone and they knew us. Great costumer service.

In celebration of good weather, we spent the majority of our time reading on the beach under an umbrella (this girl prefers pale over burnt), checking out the water front restaurants, and biking around town. We even had one really fun day where we got to keep my nephew at the hotel one night (his first time away overnight) and take him to experience his very first beach trip!
*ahem.. he was not a fan*

While I vehemently stand by the assessment that anything is fun as long as I'm getting to spend time with Wade, this relaxing beach vacation really was top notch. Thank you Wade for the past 4 years and for always creating amazing moments for us to create new memories in. I love you so incredibly much.