Life is so beautiful. From fresh white flowers to wholesome eating to days lingering outside because the weather is just so nice and celebrating the presence of my husband on his 30th birthday -- there is so much beauty. But it can be easy to miss.

That's one of the reasons I love instagram. It allows me to take pause and capture something that may seem mundane and normal, and then make it into art and expose the beauty that's there.

I'm aestetic. Meaning, I'm drawn to things because of how they look (i.e.: food, books, etc). Yes, I DO judge a book by it's cover.

The danger is this: forgetting the One who made the beauty we capture.

Do you spend more time on Instagram than you do in the Word?
I do.

That's bad.
And I'd rather not admit it.
But it's true.

"The grass withers and the flowers fade, 
but the Word of God stands forever." 
Isaiah 40:8

Oops. Conviction.
For the past week I've been trying to be more intentional about spending time daily in the Word. I spend time with God in prayer and conversation and even in song, but that's mostly ME talking to HIM.  He gave us the Scripture as a way to communicate with us and I'm basically neglecting it.  I'm reading what others are saying through social media more than I'm cruising through what He's saying on the daily.

So, I started the Nehemiah plan with She Reads Truth (more than a week late) and God has already been speaking to me through it. His word stands forever. I don't want to miss that.