I interrupt this (ir)regularly scheduled social media/blogging break for this special message:

I've been married for four years, today!
It feels more like 40, but in a really good way.

My husband loves his marriage letters and, for that reason, I'm breaking my break. Because, outside of God, he is the most important person in my life. And God is honored when I shower Wade with love. So, in honor of our anniversary, here we go.

I could have chosen one of the fancy pictures from our wedding for this letter, but let's face it - this is so perfectly us. You fill my life with laughter. Even sometimes when I'm rolling my eyes on the outside, I'm laughing on the inside ;)  No? Don't buy it?

Like I said in our conversation the other night, this four years (6 1/2 if you count dating) seems like an eternity.  It's crazy to think there was ever life without you in it!

Today we head to the beach -- which is huge, considering the beach is one of the last destinations you would choose for yourself. It just goes to show that you took the time to think of what I would like and forget all about yourself in the process. I can't wait to lounge on the sand all day -- a sentence that probably makes you cringe *haha*! But really, just knowing that I get the next few days to have you ALL TO MYSELF without work or errands or anything else makes me feel really excited and super duper spoiled.  Of course, I'm also excited that you picked a beach location that is minutes from my dad and sister and (lets be honest,) more importantly, my nephew!  I can't wait for us to get some more time with him and be able to be at his dedication at church this Sunday.

To close: I thought, with it being the official 4 year mark and all, I'd name my FOUR favorite things about you. Ready? Here we go.
But really, I've said it before and I'll say it again -- you make me more like Jesus. You generous nature has truly changed me, Wade. And your commitment... it's unreal. You keep me accountable to be the same, but more importantly, your commitment gives me a sense of peace knowing that when you say something, you mean it. So I know when you said those vows 4 years ago, today, that you meant them and that you'll keep them, always. As for your undeniable love for me, it catches me off guard constantly.  I'm often struck with the amazement that you really seem to love me more than you ever have before. I love you that way too. How it's possible, I don't know.  And number four just a given.  You're the most handsome guy I know. That face. I love it.  And I love you. Happy Anniversary babe :)

Your Girl