He really does love me like Christ loved the church. He serves me, he gives himself up for me, he holds me accountable, and he encourages me. I really think it's his personal mission in life to make me laugh with his dance moves, pretty much daily. It's an amazing thing to love someone this much. And such a surprise to my life that I never saw coming.

Mexico. I've written post after post about this place. It's my heart-land. And I can't wait until I can call it home (which, by the way, it will be in less than 3 months!!)

One of my favorite ways to worship the Lord is in song. And having the opportunity to participate in the leadership aspect of worship in my church has given me so much joy. It's one of the things I will miss the most when we move. There is just something about getting lost in the music and then opening my eyes, just for a second, and seeing that I'm not alone, that I'm surrounded by my brothers and sisters, united in song, united in adoration. (start video at 10:30 for one of my more common worship songs)

Fresh flowers are by far one of the little things in life that make me smile. So when Wade surprised me with this plant as a mother's day gift, I was overcome. Not just because they are beautiful, but because of what it represented. These flowers tell me that Wade thought about me on mothers day and that he celebrates our family and recognizes that we have one, even if it looks a little different.

I mean, these three nieces of mine are stinkin' adorable. Their curls alone make me happy. They make me happy when Deci calls me to tell me she pulled out her first tooth, and when they fight for screen time on skype, and it makes me really happy that they will be visiting in just a few weeks! It will be our first time to meet baby Harlow, face-to-face!

He has my heart. I was given a gift in being able to spend an entire month with him as his "live in nanny." He's in this really great stage where he's trying to crawl and touches your face when you talk to him. I prayed for this one for years and years. I cried for him at the altar in prayer for my sister and cried the moment he was born. We all waited for him. And he was so worth it.

My little surprise niece. She rounded out my year of going from 2 nieces to 5 nieces and nephews. She's the little cherry on top. Seeing my oldest sister become a mother so quickly and naturally was such a blessing. I miss her already!

Melt my heart. This child is the newest addition to our heart-clan. After being on the Compassion, Int. sponsorship wait-list for 315 days, Md Tauhid will wait no more. Starting Sunday, he's got us, and we've got him.  We've made the commitment to pour into his life as he grows up and invest in him, sharing the love of Jesus with him and providing his educational and medical needs. I'm so happy to be a part of his life :) Click here to sponsor a child through Compassion International.

It's so predictable. I know. Starbucks. For a while now, a mocha frappuccino no whip has been my go-to starbucks drink of choice. 
But yall. 
I swapped out the milk for soy. 
That's right folks! We're headed back to the beach! This time, the chances of rain are 0%. yippie! This makes me very happy :)

What's something that makes YOU happy?