To my mom & mother in law (and for all the mommas with kids all grown up) // Thank you. Thank you for the years and years you poured out your lives for your little ones. Thank you for pouring into me and Wade, for raising us to love Jesus and know His love for us. And thank you, even though it can't be easy, for letting us go when the time was right. It feels so easy to leap when we know that you'll always be there to fall back on if we ever need it.

To my sisters (and for all the new mommas with the itty bitty babies) // Thank you for nieces and nephews and the joy they bring their aunts & uncles. There is something special about these little ones. In a way, they are ours, too. Our lives are brightened just by mere mention of their names. Wendy, Kristina, and Audrey -- you three ladies are all such incredible examples of motherhood for me. I look up to you and love the children you've brought into our lives.

And to me and all the mommas of a different definition // Happy mothers day to you too. This weekend Wade surprised me with a beautiful orchid in honor of this day because, while my version of motherhood may look different, it's still something to be celebrated.

One thing God has shown me through our journey is that family can take on so many forms. For some, it is a mom & dad with three biological children. For us, it's a husband and a wife, one child with Jesus, and a hundred here on Earth. I have no idea what our family will look like or how it will continue to change, but I do know one thing: I can trust in Him.

Today in church we celebrated mothers day with the opportunity to sponsor a child through Compassion International. And I was overcome as I watched hundreds of babies around the world be gifted with a second set of parents - another set of people in this world to look out for them, to pray for them, to love them, to be their mothers. It's a beautiful thing. I encourage you to look into it here. It's possible that God has a child picked out for you to mother in a way you've never considered. 

Happy Mothers Day to all the mommas, however that may look for you.