When my husband recently turned the big 3-0, I knew I wanted to celebrate it in a big way. Wade never lets me do anything for his birthday, but this time around, I tricked him into it by having it involve lots of guns, targets, and shooting. Any southern guy's idea of a good day.

Start with some a bunch of guys, some girls, kids playing at a safe distance, and **some very strict gun rules, throw in some cold bottled rootbeers, sweet tea served in mason jars, the parents' and grandparents' home-cookin', dinner in the vineyard at dusk, fried chocolate pies, ***and a cake with a fondant pistol and you've got yourself a southern shootin' party!

**Seriously SAFETY FIRST. I can't stress that enough. Strict rules should be put in place if you have a range party.  Kids should be supervised with a play area set up far from the shooting range or a movie indoors. The range was intentionally set up to point away from anywhere people might be on 16 acres of land.

***Also, I can't take any credit for this cake -- Wade's dad's wife made it. I ain't got them skills.

Oh how I will miss the south when we move to Mexico! Ok, sure, technically we're moving further south. But it's lacking that southern culture. As we draw nearer to the moving date, I'm noticing and appreciating this state more and more. I know there will be a million things I love about our new home, but there are equally as many here that I will miss!