Happy Father's Day to this guy.

One of the goofiest and most good-humored men I know...

 (the photo on the right was during "photo jumping" lessons ;)
A father of three daughters... always up for whatever crazy ideas we come up with...

 (Ugly Christmas sweater competition)
Can nap pretty much anywhere...

 My biggest fan...

 (college graduation and many trips to Mexico)
That's my dad. And no matter how old I am, or how far from the nest I fly, I'll always be 
"Daddy's Little Girl."

You left some pretty big shoes to fill for the new role of "man in my life" and I know you prayed (and still pray) diligently for me. I'm pretty sure you knew Wade at about the same time I did, and you constantly (sometimes, a little too much, Dad!) tell me how lucky I am to have married Wade. (I mean, why don't you try telling HIM how lucky HE is once in a while?? ;)

And speaking of Wade, I can't leave him out on this celebratory day. He is the Father to our little one in Heaven as well as a father-figure and an example of a Godly man to tons of babies around the world (I mean, seriously, you've seen how the little girls love on him in Mexico.)

If God ever decides to give us more children to raise on our own, I have no doubt that they will have the best dad in the world. Or at least one who's tied with you. *wink*  Somehow, God saw fit to give me two of the most caring, stand-up men on the planet to guide me, teach me, and love me. You guys make me a better me.

Happy Father's Day to you both.