I mean, if the unconfined excitement in that face didn't bring joy to my life, I'm not sure what could.
That's right, Wade, as cheesy as it is, you are my own personal sun.

(trust me, I'm fully aware that it's actually Christ's light shining through you, but boy does it shine bright.)

Getting a little personal here (you always say we have no private life anymore ;) but if I could wake up every day like I did today, I'm pretty sure I'd be more of a morning person:

As I sleepily listened to you move around the room in the dark getting ready for work, you woke me with your words:

"Wow. You are so beautiful, even when you're sleeping."

And while my heavy eyelids and slow, sleepy mind wouldn't let me show it physically, I was singing on the inside. Or at least smiling. What I'm trying to say is that there was a lot of happiness going on there.

Again you win in the showing love department. And I come out the lucky recipient.  So, maybe it's actually ME who's the winner.

Here I go leaving again, traveling to Mexico while you stay and work. It always gives me a sense of sadness. I miss you so much when we're apart, especially when I'm going to Mexico without you!  It's "our" place, so when you're not there, it feels like something is missing.

The comforting thought I keep reminding myself of us that, in just a few weeks time, we'll be together in Mexico -- every day!!

I love you Wade :) And your sunshine-y ways!