I've set a goal for myself this week to try and blog one story from the day each night while I'm here in Mexico.  I'm considering it a challenge to see if I really CAN keep blogging when we move here. It know it won't be nearly as often, since I won't have wifi most of the time, but I still want to involve my readers and friends in this journey we're on to live life on a mission to share the gospel and chase after Jesus!

The first photos have nothing to do with todays story, but they ARE from today and I just thought they were too good to pass up. I mean, who doesn't love cowboy boots and babies in a bucket, am I right?

Today's Story from Mexico has to do with a very sweet and very funny little red head.
Meet Ella and her new BFF Amariani:

Ella has wanted to go to Mexico with us for a long time, and this summer was her first chance to do just that.  Last night, her mom fell and hurt her foot in Texas and Ella's biggest concern was that this meant she wouldn't get to go into Mexico after all! She was distraught.

Everything turned out fine and she was able to come to Mexico today.  As we were walking through the village, I approached Ella with two of my very best little niƱas (pictured 2nd in the post) and Ella asked, "How did you get them to be your friend? Did you just ask them to be your friend?"

You see, Ella wanted to find someone special in Mexico to connect with and be able to play with and remember when she got back home. So she was searching, diligently!  Just a little while later, a girl from a far away part of the village had somehow ended up where we were (her parents had come down for a meeting). This little girl went to Ella and held her hand -- a friendship was born. They were thick as thieves the rest of the day. At one point, I came across Amariani and she asked me where Ella was. When I told her that Ella was coming, she asked, "is she coming very soon??"

This is my Mexico story because, through these girls, God showed that He knows, cares about, and gives us the desires of our heart.

"Delight yourselves in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart." - Pslam 37:4

These girls don't speak the same language, but God developed a friendship between them that I believe they both really craved.  It was a beautiful thing to see. And you better believe they've made plans to be together the rest of the week ;)

Later that night, as we all got back to camp in Texas and began to share our days with one another, Ella stood up to address the group. She said many things, but the statement that stood out among the rest was that being in Mexico on a mission trip made her heart pound inside of her and that she just loves everybody.

Heart, consider yourself swollen.


Friends, God knows the desires of your heart and He works to fulfill them. Don't give up. Keep seeking and embrace His gifts with full force!  Don't hold back, give it all -- your whole self! I promise you, it will make your heart pound too ;)