If you find yourself wondering where the heck I've been lately, it's because I've been smack-dab in the middle of my "pre-move-to-mexico-family-tour" which took me to North Carolina, The Bayou, and then on to Florida.

The pictures below are from our day-trip to New Orleans while I was visiting my mom in Mississippi. Please note the ah-maze-ing caricature we got of Landon. I kind of love it. And I think he does too ;)

I'm still in sunny Florida until Monday, and this Friday I'm going back to my favorite salon to chop all my hair off! I love change so I'm pretty excited about it.  I love having my hair long (this is the longest it's ever been by a few inches) but I only enjoy it when I can style it. Otherwise it gets in my way and it ends up in a pony, which gives me headaches. Since I won't have much power available after our move (and it would be WAY too hot for a blowdryer anyways) I'm just gonna cut it off and enjoy a breezier hair style. I'm thinking like this one. What do you think?