And that means it's moving month!
disclaimer: unless God has us wait, of course. It's all in His time.

Tomorrow is Wade's last day at his primary job. He put in his notice 6 months ago for our move to Mexico and his last day is suddenly upon us. It's so bittersweet because I just love his co-workers. To show them how much, I decided to bake their favorite cookies as a good-bye present.

I'm also trying make up for lost time with things like "girls night," which I had last night with my sweet friend Mary-Helen. It even turned into a sleep-over y'all. It was legit. Involving fro-yo & the Percy Jackson movie.
(photo from the Mexican restaurant we ate at)
We're still waiting on Texas to schedule Wade's pharmacy law exam so that he can find a job on this side of the border, which is a little un-nerving. Thankfully, God has blessed Wade with a second job here in town where he already works part time and will be able to do so until we go. God is the ultimate provider.

As the weeks count down (we think), here are a few things I'd like to do/am planning to do before we move:

1. Pack - yeah.. anyone want to do that for me?

2. Kayak - It's a must. There are no places to do this in the part of Texas/Mexico we're moving to. Unless, of course, you count the Rio Grande... which I don't.

3. Spend quiet, quality time with Wade (because life might get crazy for a while) and also spend time with our friends and Wade's family. (I did my family tour a few weeks ago.)

4. Put feet to a few ideas I have as ways to earn money for needs in Mexico.

And 5. Sing with the worship team at my church as many more times as I can. This is one of the things I will miss the most!

PS. I've finally got some blog buttons on the sidebar again. If you want one, they're free ;)