Well, that didn't go as planned.

As it turns out, blogging from Mexico may be more difficult than I imagined. Although, living in Mexico will be different than being on a mission trip with a large group who finish up late in the day, linger in our goodbye's, and swap God-stories until midnight.  After all that, there's no energy left for typing. Only sleeping.

I got back to Alabama on Saturday after a lot of vehicle problems which sadly left a portion of our team behind to continue on the next day. But, we expected attacks after such an incredible week where the team chose to be obedient to God and share the Gospel boldly and in love -- overall there were SEVEN people who gave their lives to Jesus!  AMAZING!

I plan on spending a good portion of my day tomorrow at my favorite coffee spot to blog my little heart out about it.  I've got to get my blogging rhythm back. Until then, I've got my 3rd StitchFix to share with you! I have until Thursday to send the items back, as well as a pretty good credit balance to use! So, tell me which item(s) you think I should pick!  (I'm pretty sure I've already made my decision, but I'd still love to hear what you think!)

Ivy Polka Dot Print V-Neck Blouse & Carter Skinny Ankle-Length Jeans
Pros: They fit GREAT. I was especially surprised by the pants. I was skeptical of adding pants to my "fixes" because the fits are so variable, but these fit perfectly.  And I'm so glad I went down a size in the tops this go-round. Much much better. I love the color of the jeans and these kind of tops are my fave!
Cons: These are my two highest priced items :/ BUT, since I have the credits (all thanks to you wonderful people who used my referral code!) I'm not too bummed about it.

Bailey Multi Color Striped Shirt
I actually think my mom would love this top.
Pros: It's really soft and comfy. A nice casual tee for a laid back day.
Cons: I'm 99% sure that this puppy would shrink to the size of ... well, a puppy.  I just have that feeling about it. Plus, it was tied with the second highest priced item in my fix and a tshirt just isn't worth it to me.

Yasmin Tribal Print Dress
Pros: I love the print of this dress.
Cons: The cut, ehhh.... kinda not flattering on me. I actually think it would make a really cute romper! Also, I would totally wear this with a black under-shirt, but it was in the wash. The tan is just, off. Oopsie!

Adley Ladybug Print Button-up Tank
Pros: this just so happens to be my favorite cut for a top right now! I also like the red and think the lady bugs are adorable! (ignore the fact that I missed the bottom button!)
Cons: I have tons of tops almost identical to this, minus the buggies.

Ok I'm sure it's pretty obvious which items I'm leaning towards (or dead set on, to be more accurate) but I'd love to get your input! Which do you like best? What do you think I'm planning to keep?

Make sure to come back this week for some "heart-blogging" as I share all about our week in Mexico (aka my future home!! Eeep!)

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