This past weekend, our church hosted 4 different block parties in 4 different communities to engage our neighborhoods and ultimately show them Christ through some seriously yummy chicken and games ;) The party we attended was in a more private community and as the time ticked by, we realized that we were only engaging with people from our own church family.

So, we packed everything up and moved to the parking lot of the local elementary school, which just so happens to be across the street from a mostly-hispanic trailer park community who, just a few years ago, suffered the brunt of a tornado which cost them their homes.  The community has since rebuilt and we were so excited to get to spend a Saturday night with them. Plus, it was a great reason for me to use my Spanish! It was such a blessing to be able to be the "group translator" between my people and my other people!

One thing I love the most about the Hispanic culture is how open they are. Everyone was so willing to talk. And not just about the surface stuff. One older couple sat on the sidewalk watching their children play and I remember thinking how old they appeared with such young children.  Wade nudged me and said, "hey, go talk to them." (He does this a lot. And I kind of hate it. But only because I get so nervous and feel so much pressure. But I'm always glad after the fact. This story was no different.)  

Finally, I nonchalantly worked my way next to them and stood awkwardly for a few minutes (just being honest.) Wade decided to help me out I think because next thing I know He's next to me talking to their 4 year old daughter.  This opened up conversation and we talked for a while about their kids, where they go to church, us moving to Mexico, places we've all been, etc.  Ultimately, I got asked the same question I get asked every time I talk to a person of Hispanic dissent (it happened several times that day, actually). 

"Do you have kids?"

Several months ago, Wade and I made the decision to just be honest with people. There is no shame in our infertility. So, I told them no, we couldn't, but that we hoped to adopt. The woman's eyes changed and you could tell that she understood. She then shared that they had been married for 8 years before they had their first child (who, by the way, speaks FOUR languages! Smart kid.)

Don't be afraid to get deep. Don't be afraid to share your story. Don't be afraid of being vulnerable.  It's often through those moments that God takes relationships to the next level. What an encouragement!

Speaking of encouragement (did you see yesterday's vlog?), I want to step that up a bit. So, every so often, I'm going to feature a fellow blogger who encourages me in an effort to say thank you; and who knows, maybe I'll even encourage them in return.

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