You guys. I'm not sure if you know this or not, but my husband has a way with words. If he had a blog, it would be the kind that just wrecks you.  But in a good way. He's so challenging and deep in ways I'm not sure I'll ever be.  It's kind of amazing being his best friend and getting to experience it every day.

Today, he used the outlet of writing to share with our friends and family on Facebook where we are at with this move.  I couldn't have said it better, myself.


"He went out, not knowing where he was going." (Hewbrews 11:8) 

This short little piece of scripture shouts loudly at me right now, mostly b/c it sums up how I feel at this moment. As my wife and I get ready to move to Mexico as missionaries in the next month or so, the most often asked question I get is "what will y'all be doing?". I've mostly answered this question with stating some of goals we have like: starting a free medical clinic, getting more children in school, creating an atmosphere of "one" church instead of churches pitted against each other, sharing the Gospel till our heads fall off, helping build houses, starting a custom knife shop to provide income for some families, and so on and so on.... But the truest answer to this question is, "I don't know." The only thing I know is that God knows what He is doing.

God will rarely or never tell you what He is going to do; instead, He reveals to you who He is. I hope as we continue to allow God to reveal himself to us that one day, my wife and I will cease to be surprised by the things God does.

Until then, Kerrie and I will "go out", not knowing where we are going


See? What did I tell ya?
He's wise, this one.