In it's second year, the Albertville Music Festival is making a name for itself. It even has it's own reality stars *ahem, Danielle from Big Brother!* (see shameless fan photo below)

I had so much fun at the festival last year, complete with fake tattoos; But unfortunately, the festivities got pretty rained out this year. The band I'm friends with ended up getting canceled, but I did manage to snap some photos of the booths my super talented and entrepreneurial friends had set up this year!

a.k.a. my first job in Alabama
a.k.a the best coffee in America.

by Stacey Sanders

I wish I had been able to take more photos this year, but the rain got in the way of that. Just picture a girl in a bright yellow rain jacket (thanks to a friend for lending it to her) and a guy and his dad basically getting soaked (until another friend took pity and lent us their umbrella) while eating freshly-made brick oven pizza under an awning off Main Street before stopping for a Chocolate drizzled Funnel Cake for the ride home -- which, let's admit, is a bad idea. Powdered sugar and a moving car are not a good mix. But it IS pretty dang delicious.