"All of a sudden" time is running out and I'm feeling the need to document every inch of life here in Alabama. What better place to do that than at the local Trade Day at seven in the morning? Yeah, I couldn't think of anywhere either.

Trade Day is basically a huge flea market that sells everything from tools, to furniture, to chickens, to the biggest corndogs you've ever seen. (yes, even at 7am. Don't worry, we passed.)

Listen. I said this was at 7am. I was not about to fix my hair or put on makeup at that un-godly hour.
And I may or may not have slept in that shirt.

My mother-in-law stopped at this vendor and bought some "Yellow Root" which is supposed to help with arthritis (as well as a number of other things.) All you do is tear this branch up into little sticks, put them in a a large mason jar, pour boiling water over them and let it cool in the fridge to drink. Like tea, but probably more disgusting. But hey, I'm all for natural meds vs chemicals.

The best part of the day, by far, was when my MIL started asking this same vender if she had anything for constipation... because her SON struggles with it. I about died! Wade was a few stalls down and when he made his way to us I let him in on his mother's inquiry. My mother in law just so happened to be taking a sip of water at that exact moment and it came flying out of her mouth all over us as she just couldn't hold the laughter in at my tattling and Wade's surprised reaction.

On a side note: the "herbs" she recommended for that particular ailment are also great for weight loss. Go figure.

The animals *might* have been my favorite section. I told Wade more than once that I felt a "take me home" connection with this or that animal. 'Tis true. Sadly, no animals were bought (something about it not being so practical when you're moving to another country in a week and a half...)

Oh the things I will miss about living in the true south. Sure, "technically" Texas is the south, but in a different way. I should also admit that I came home and slept for two hours after this. Until 11am. Yep. Just call me "lazy"... or worn out. But mostly lazy. 

At least it was Saturday. 
It's excusable.