Can I be real for a minute?
(my husband says I tell our whole life story on this blog, so I'm pretty sure I keep it real here all of the time)

I feel like Ron Burgandy >> trapped in a glass case of emotion.
(Okay, so maybe part of me just wanted an excuse to watch one of my favorite movie scenes)

But seriously, one minute my chest clinches up and my breathing get's quick & shallow as I understand the enormity of the change that is about to occur in our lives. The next, I'm so excited I could jump up and down, run around my living room, and sing about how amazing God is for sending us to a place we love so much.

Back and forth.
Back and forth.

I think, overall, I'm just overwhelmed.

This move is overwhelming 
Leaving good jobs is overwhelming.
Saying goodbye to friends and family and a church we're so invested in is overwhelming.
Regular dinners out and shopping "just because I feel like it" are going to be a thing of the past. And as silly as that is, that, too, is overwhelming!

So when Kerry from My Life (His Mission) sent me this print in the mail, it was a refreshing (and much needed) reminder of the kind of life God has called us too. What Kerry didn't know was that I had just bought The Journals of Jim Elliot as well as the story of his martyrdom, Through the Gates of Splendor, to remind me of what is most important in life as well as prepare me for the realities of a life lived out for the Kingdom of God.

Kerry has just opened up her shop, which is filled with other inspiring prints like these, as a means to fund her second adoption.  

I've got dreams of covering our casa in Mexico with scripture and inspiration and have recently started collecting pieces here and there that will encourage us, especially when things get hard. These powerful words from a sold-out missionary will add nicely to the group.

Every print you purchase from My Life (His Mission) Shop will a help child find their forever home with this family. 
Purchase a print or a download today.