For the past year, when I would be asked how the move prep was going, I would shrug my shoulders and say, "there's really nothing to be done right now, so good I guess!"

Well, I can now answer differently. The past few days/weeks have been a whirlwind of stuff getting done.

  • Wade was finally able to schedule his pharmaceutical law exam for Texas (he's taking it this monday!!)
  • I've been selling a ton of stuff (check one off the new years bucket list) via instagram. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me minimize and clear out!
  • We sold my beloved jeep. This one was bitter sweet. I seriously love that thing. It's my dream car. I'm just so happy that I got to have it for the time I did. The reason we chose to sell it was mostly because it's just too much of a target vehicle in Mexico. (it resembles the type that cartels use). I just didn't feel good about that. Plus, we're able to pay it off now and made a little bit extra. 
  • Stuff is actually getting put in boxes. Not very much stuff, but I'm going to go ahead and consider it progress.
  • And a big one. Y'all this is HUGE...
My student loans are paid off!

When we made the final payment, Wade looked at me and was like, "why aren't you jumping up and down??"

But in all honesty, I never worried about them. In college when I was studying missions as a major (yeah, you really can do that) people would tell me I was crazy and I'd never be able to pay the loans I  had to take out. But I knew that God would provide. I didn't know it would be through a husband with a really good job (in fact, I didn't really think I'd ever be married as a missionary, but God knows best. That's for SURE!) I just knew He would take care of it. And He did. :) It does feel great to know it's done and checked off the list though. 

We're pretty sure that this coming week will be our final FULL week in Alabama, so things are starting to get real! Please continue to pray for us! And especially for Wade at 2pm Central when he is taking his test so that he can get a job in Texas.