I have a confession to make: there are times when I think I could make a really great cat lady. 

I mean, all you really have to do is take a lot of photos of your cats, tells your friends stories of what they do, talk to them like a human, and so on and so forth. I'm also fairly good at back rubs. The only things I can do without would be shedding, cleaning the litter box, and remembering to feed them -- just ask my poor childhood hamsters about that one... on second thought, don't.

These pictures are of Felix, my father-in-law's outdoor kitty, and as you can tell, he's quite the showoff. Every time he heard the "dink dink" of my lens focusing, he would strike a new pose. Prime #catstagram material right there.
(It may or may not be one of my favorite instagram hashtags.)

I really want to get a "mouser" for our home in Mexico (because, well, I think the reason is obvious).  I also want a dog, so we'll see how this all goes over with the hubs ;)

Do you have a cat? Isn't it nearly impossible NOT to fill up your photo files with pictures of them? I really think if I had a cat, that would be the case for me. I mean, without pets or kids, the only other options are selfies and food pictures. And I've done about as much of that as my instgram followers can stand.