I thought this would be a good time to list out all of the amazing things God is doing right now. It's so easy to feel tired, worn out, and to focus on the things/people we are leaving behind. I don't want to neglect praising the Lord for being so good.

1. Thank you Jesus for filling this week up with fun activities with my Lifepoint staff family. As much as they pick on me, I will miss them every day. Thank you for Monday's kayaking trip with them, and for one last trip in my beloved Jeep. And thank you for providing someone to buy the jeep from us.

2. Thank you Jesus for ministry. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your work this week. It's a nice break from the stress of packing/planning. Even if it is just giving a teacher a hotdog.

3. Thank you Jesus for providing for our needs. Thank you for our church which saw fit to give us this van to use while in Mexico. Thank you for a vehicle that will fit lots and lots of people in it :) Also, thank you for blessing us with a free wash and detail at the local carwash. Blowing me away, God. 

4. And thank you thank you THANK YOU for this guy. I can't thank you enough for letting us do this together. It's such a comfort to have my best friend next to me during this overwhelming (in more ways than one) adventure. Thank you for blessing him with a good job that allowed him to cash in his unused vacation days and for showing us, once again, that you are the ultimate provider.

Seven days and counting. 
Mexico, here we come.