It's that time again! It's time for another edition of The Girl Behind the Blog (or, TGBTB as we abbreviators call it.) This month, Ashley is co-hosting with my very own Influence Conf roommate Annie from What She Saw and the focus of the vlog is TRAVEL. We want to share where we've been around the world and within the US! I've been lots of places, which is a huge blessing. But there is still so much world to be seen!

To expand on the comment I made about Wade's job: We had been praying and hoping that Wade would quickly find a job in Texas (that wouldn't require him to know spanish) where he could work two days a week so we could spend the other five in Mexico. Well, wouldn't you know it that a friend knew someone who just so happened to be looking for someone with an Alabama pharmacy license (um.. check!) He was hired in less than a week after leaving home and will be working every Thursday and Friday. That means Saturday - Wednesday we get to be in Mexico! So exciting!!

Also, totally forgot to mention where I would go if I could hop on a plane and go anywhere: I would love love love to go on a vacation to some greek isle or somewhere where the houses are all blue and white and sitting on a hillside with the ocean in view. Oh, and to eat lots of Greek food. I'm kind of obsessed with that food culture right now.


New York
Jacksonville Beach
Atlanta, GA
Rome, GA

Plus a few cruises that took me to Haiti
Jamaica again
the Keys
St. Thomas
St. Martin
The Bahamas, etc.
Basically both the Eastern and Western Caribbean's.

Plus, many trips to visit family in
Jacksonville, Florida
Raleigh, North Carolina
Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
and we lived in Alabama until our recent move to Reynosa, MX/South Texas

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