Blogtember Day 9: A Self Portrait

So far, on Sundays we have been in the states in the morning for church and then crossing over into Mexico during the afternoon to stay the following few days until Wade has to work again on Thursdays. (Whew! That was a long sentence!)

This Sunday, I decided not to change clothes before we crossed and instead wore the same thing I had worn to church that morning.  Mama Sylvia's husband said I looked "muy guapa" which basically means I looked handsome... hmm... an odd compliment, but I'll take it ;)

Since I normally can be found in tshirts and shorts with my hair pulled back when we're on the Mexico side, I thought I'd get Wade to snap a few photos of me looking "muy guapa" in my Sunday wear and while my hair was actual "done."

But, to keep it real around here, I thought it only fair to share a self portrait of how I look most of the time these days.

On the left, a photo my husband took || On the right, one from my phone, taken by one of the kids.

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On a semi-unrelated note: I've noticed that my freckles are out in full-force! Must be the fact that I'm outside pretty much all day every day. It's way too hot (and dark) to sit indoors since we don't have electricity. And even though I wear sunscreen every single day, I can already see my skin changing. My husband said my hair is getting lighter too, which I don't mind at all. Free highlights! I'm assuming I should be exfoliating but I have no idea how often or what kind to use. Any tips?