You guys.
I'm at the influence conference. Like right now!

Actually, right now I'm in my room, cozied up in my hotel bed trying to get over this achy-not goodness I'm feeling before dinner. I really don't want to miss a moment of this weekend so if you'd say a prayer for me I'd be super grateful!

Already God has spoken to me so much, which I'm really really loving.

The word the Lord is speaking over me is "Community."

And He actually started speaking it over me before the conference began.  Going into this weekend, I didn't plan which sessions I would go to or which workshops to attend.  All I wanted to do was experience community.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that we just moved away from our community/family a mere month ago to live in Mexico/South Texas, but I have really been craving it.

This is not me.  I'm more than content to spend my days by myself and my evenings with Wade.  But I think the Lord has put this hunger for community in my life at this time for a reason -- because we need it!

We always need community, but we really need it in this season of our lives.

So many times, already, He has spoken about community through the speakers and I'm feeling refreshed.  There is still a whole other day of sessions tomorrow and I'm feeling more and more excited to hear what else He has to say to me on the subject.

I look forward to sharing more of what He is teaching me this weekend when I get back (after I go over into Mexico for a few days and love on some kids that feel very far away right now).

If you want to follow along with me this weekend, you will see an abundance of selfies on my instagram and tons of inspirational quotes on my twitter! Find both @kerrielwilliams