This could also be titled: the first time I made a cake with an avocado. Or, the cake that almost wasn't.

Everyone has a birthday.
Oh, you already knew that, huh?

Well, there seem to be a lot more of them than is normal in our little village in Mexico. I already need two hands to count the amount of birthdays that have happened JUST while we've been here these last two weeks!

I can't buy gifts for all of these, but what I can do is bake! So, that's what I've decided to do. When I know a birthday is coming up, I try to bake a cake for the birthday boy/girl/group. This is my second one so far (the first was was for like, 5 kids at once).

To change it up, I thought I'd do a chocolate bundt cake this past weekend for Jaci's big day. When I found this recipe on pinterest, I was instantly intrigued that it said to use avocado instead of oil or butter! I love avocado! Sounded like fun ;)

All was well as I followed the instructions. That is, until, the ganache portion of the recipe decided it wasn't going to work out. Instead, it separated and I was left with no icing. Oh well, I thought, the cake has chocolate chips in it. It doesn't really NEED the ganache. I let it cool for FOREVER and when I finally took it out of the pan, this is what I got...

Pretty, right?

Here's a better view.

Apparently, half of my cake decided it didn't want to leave the comfort of the pan. I was left with a mess! So, what did I do?

I bought a churro!

It really brightened my mood about the whole thing.

Oh and while I was at the store, I bought more chocolate chips and heavy whipping cream to make another ganache -- this time using this recipe, which was like 10000000x better.

It was literally ready in minutes. I poured that yummy chocolate all over that ugly cake, added some chocolate sprinkles, and voila! Ugly cake no more! And I know it tastes good because I was able to eat the half that was left in the bundt pan!

Kerrie = 1
Kitchen fiascos = 0

Want to create this cake?
Use this recipe for the cake
And this one (option 2) for the icing.