Today's Blogtember prompt is to take this personality test and expand on your findings. I've taken these before and honestly have a hard time understanding half of the questions. I find myself thinking through senarios to determine my answer, when I think the point is answering quick and going with your gut? This was almost too stressful for me. (maybe I'll find out why when I get to the end of my results)

According to Humanmetrics, I'm an ESTJ. But just barely an E. Only 1% marked the difference between my extroversion and introversion. So I guess that just means I'm and incredibly balanced human being ;) right?
According to the results:

I thrive on order and continuity: Basically this section of the results describes me to a T. I'm a person who loves to be the organizer. In fact, at my previous job as the Mission's Coordinator at Lifepoint church, I was quoted as saying (many times over) that I'm less of a thinker and more of a do-er. Basically, give me a task, and I'm on it. Unless it involves phone calls. Please don't make me make phone calls! (that must be the introvert side of me coming out) It also says that we ESTJs live for the rules. Which is more true of me than I wish it were! But yes, I am constantly referring to the rules, whether they be by law or "unwritten".

Traditions are important to me: I have a slight obsession with thanksgiving and feel pretty confident that my world would not be the same if I missed out on the traditional turkey and dressing with my favorite traditional sides *ahem* green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole. But it also mentioned something about digging into the family tree, which sounds like way too much (boring) work.

"Service, the tangible expression of responsibility, is another key focus for ESTJs. They love to provide and to receive good service. The ESTJ merchant who provides dependable service has done much to enhance her self image."  -- Yes.

I have an acute sense for orthodoxy: Basically, the results say that I have a strong sense of what "normal" is and isn't. But I'm not so sure about this one. I really don't find myself using the word "normal" all that much, unless Wade gets in rare-form and starts acting all strange and goofy ;) Then I will say to him, "Just be normal!" (But I don't mean it! usually. Hah!) But seriously, there is nothing normal about the life of a believer. 

I'm a joiner: I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I actually used the phrase, "We're joiners!" when a group of believers from a local church invited us to lunch last week I wouldn't actually consider myself a joiner, however, at least not in all circumstances. The results do say that ESTJs value family and it's no question that I would rather spend time with Wade than with anyone else on the planet. And I do consider my sisters (and SIL) to be my very best friends (in addition to you, squirrel!) I also may talk about my nieces and nephews more than is socially acceptable.

shirt: brickyard buffalo (in reference to my hottie hubby)

I promote the work ethic: power, position and prestige should be worked for and earned. Laziness is rarely viewed with ambivalence nor benevolence by me. -- Hmmm.... I really like to be lazy sometimes. So, I dunno. Although it did really bother me when I would work at a "real" job and everyone besides me would be sitting in the break room doing nothing. This led me to ask for a raise and point out that I worked harder than a lot of the other staff. So maybe that's true. And I got the raise.

I am outspoken, a person of principles, which are readily expressed: I definitely know when to bite my tongue ... but then poor Wade has to hear all of the things I kept inside at a later time. They must come out! But when I feel anger over some injustice, or am upset about something, my face always shows my may words my not. I literally have no control over it. Or the slow sigh of anger that follows after it. 

Occupations attracting people like me include:
teaching: no no no
coaching: like a sport? oh no. Ooh unless color guard counts! In High School I was the captain of our color guard team. Oh yea!
banking: math. bleh.
political office: nah, I want people to like me too much.
and management at all levels: Now managing people... that I can do! (mostly because I don't like be told what to do, but would rather be the one doing the telling.)

Annie inspired me to look up famous people who share my ESTJ personality type:

Hillary Clinton
Condoleezza Rice
Dr. Phil
Martha Stewart
Michelle Obama
Bill O'Reilly
Paul (from the Bible) -- apparently he took this test too
Billy Graham
Saddam Hussein
Emma Watson


If nothing else, this quiz has definitely got me thinking and evaluating how I react to situations! Have you taken a test like this? Did you think it was right on or a bunch of malarky? 

Take it for yourself and find out!