no, I'm not talking polygamy people.
But it's true.

Half of the week I'm married to Wade, and the other half of the week I'm married to Marcos.

Why is this, you might ask?
I'm glad you did because the answer is quite funny, really.

You see, some 7 or 8 odd years ago, a good 'ol southern boy named Wade went down to Mexico for the first time on a mission trip. After introducing himself to several people, "me llama wade," he started to notice a trend of laughter. Each time, he would be met with snickers and looks of embarrassment. As you can imagine, Wade was confused.

After a little digging, he learned that while he was introducing himself properly, the combonation of his southern accent and uncommon name came out sounding less like Wade and more like some version of the word, "buay" (I have NO idea how to spell this slang term.)

Basically, in spanish, he was introducing himself as a castrated bull.

nice ;)

His legal name is actually Marcus (he just goes by his middle name) so he quickly decided it would be better to go by his first name in all spanish speaking communities.

Enter: Marcos.

It's so strange because literally as soon as we cross the border I start thinking of him as "Marcos." I call him that naturally on the Mexico side of the border and switch back just as easily when we cross back over into the US.

Insidentally, my name doesn't really translate into Spanish either. While I still shoot for "Kerrie" (pronounced kay-rrrr(roll that tounge)rr-ee) I'm usually met with variations such as "Kelly" "Kaylee" "Ketti" and "Karina" for those who don't bother trying.

Photos from the birthday party we had to Jaqi last week.
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