If you don't already know, I'm attending the 2013 Influence Conference in just over two weeks! I went last year and had a blast. I've been counting down the days until September 26th and now the day is almost here. Today I'm linking up with the other attendees for a little "pre-conference" meet & greet. If you're here from the linkup, please say hello! I want to meet you!

Last year, I went to the conference with the goal of learning more about this blogging thing and pushing myself to new limits. While I still hope to glean some knowledge in these areas, my focus this year is community. I want to see you! I want to talk to you!

Something you should know: I can be a bit nervous to just walk up and start talking to someone new. Last year, it was the thing I regretted most. I feel like I will be more comfortable and confident this time around, but in case I'm not, please come say hello to me if you see me wandering around the hotel! I really want to spend time with as many bloggers as I can this year and am praying that the Lord will calm my nerves and not allow my insecurities to get in the way of building even more incredible relationships with you guys!  

Another thing you should know: When we meet, I will have been living in Mexico for about a month now as a full time missionary, so please excuse the incredible amount of mosquito bites (including the ones on my FACE not cool, mosquitos, not cool) and permanently dirty feet. I may have to look into a pedicure before the weekend. 

Are you nervous about anything? What are you hoping to get out of the conference this year?