Blogtember Day 10: A public love letter.

Marcos (more on why my husband has two names Thursday),
We've been in Mexico for several weeks now and I'm amazed at how different in feels from the first few days. Good different. As you know, I was a little bit of a wreck the first few days. I wasn't excited. I wasn't calm. I wasn't upset either. I was dazed.

You pulled me through that. I love how God keeps using us to help one another. When I'm struggling, He gives you the gift of encouragement. And when you're struggling, I'd like to think He does the same with me. We balance one another out.

It feels normal here. It feels right.
We're in a routine and that settles me.

More than anything, I love that we are together so much. It's a gift. And even though we can get busy with the needs and responsibilities that come up daily, I'm thankful that we've made the commitment to do this together. Where you go, I go. Where I go, you go. We're in this together. I'm not sure I could do it any other way. I know for sure I wouldn't want to.

Te quiero mucho babe.
Love, Your Girl.