Oh Wade. You never run out of energy.  Even this week, when you were dehydrated and feeling ill, you still invited these little ones to pile up and tickle you to their heart's desire. You constantly have three kids hanging on each leg, arm, and even a couple from your neck. The reasons for this little mob are plenty, but I think a big reason is because your a man.

But not just a man, you're a man who shows them they have worth.  In their culture, the daddy works constantly and the mother is the one who raises them. I don't often see too many fathers who have the time available to cuddle their little ones. You being here for them is a gift.

You have an incredible opportunity as a man (and a good one at that) to have the time to shower these kids with love. You play with them, you hug them, you tell them you love them, and you discipline them when necessary. You are an extra dad, an extra uncle, and an extra big brother.

Plus, you're really really fun ;)

I'm off to the influence conference again today and I miss you and the niƱos already!

Thank you for always being so supportive of this strange little blogging thing I do. I hope to come back inspired, focused, and refreshed so that I can serve them and you even better than before. Pray for me while I'm there! I'll be praying for you while you're here. Love you!!