I always love to read posts where the writer has been keeping some fun, cool, big secret from their readers and then are finally able to tell everyone about it. Like Jen Hatmaker announcing their new TV show! I have never had one of those moments. Until now...

Have you ever heard of Life:Beautiful Magazine?
It's a GORGEOUS compilation of all things feminine, fun, and JESUS!
It comes out 4 times a year (one issue per season) and the Fall magazine just hit stands in September.

Inside, you will find fall decorating and home design inspiration. Look at all that yellow and orange!
My aesthetic senses are dying.

You'll also be blown away by delicious recipes. This issue is focusing on Maple.
This cake will be made. And eaten. By me.

As you flip through the pages, you start to really see the heart of the magazine - The Word. This issue has a several page spread on "getting to know the testaments" with in-depth studies on both Old and New. It's refreshing to read a magazine that uplifts and encourages a woman in her faith rather than tells her all of the things she needs in order to look better on the outside.

As you can guess, the Missions section (yes, this magazine has a MISSIONS section!) was water for my soul.

It also has a three page spread on Sole Hope! I squealed when I saw this because THIS WEEKEND I will be meeting some of the people who run this beautiful organization at the Influence Conference! We are starting the conference out with a shoe cutting party and tons of babies in Africa are going to be getting new shoes. I can't wait to pick their brains and I hope to be inspired to use my creativity in new ways while we're here in Mexico.

There's even a section that talks about blogging!  The title of the section is
"Blogs We Can't Stop Reading"...

A real, paper, in my hands, on stands at Barnes and Noble magazine!

It reads:
"Kerrie Williams is a young, newly married woman who lives in Alabama and blogs about life from a Christian perspective. She and her husband, Wade, are in the process of moving to Mexico to pursue full-time mission work. While some of her blog entries dive deep theologically, it's her honest musings that endear her to readers. Kerrie is wise beyond her years *I appreciated their efforts to make 30 sounds young ;) * and passionately committed to life as a missionary. In fact, "life on a mission" is the most repeated phrase on her site. As she writes, "Since third grade, all I've ever wanted was to be a missionary." Readers will enjoy the vivid photography she shares from trips around the world, mostly showing adorable children. Get to understand her heart on adoption, which she and her husband eventually plan to pursue. She candidly reveals her struggles with infertility and writes public love letters to her husband. With every post, her authenticity shines through, and her writing is like sharing a conversation with a loyal friend over a cup of coffee."

First off, I want to thank whoever at Life:Beautiful magazine thought to say such sweet things about me. You make me sound good and I should hire you to write my "about me" page.

I was shocked when Life:Beautiful contacted me a few months ago and told me that they wanted to feature me and one other blogger (Go visit Ashley Proffitt too! She just threw the most beautiful baptism party ever.) My skepticism told me it was a hoax. No way would anyone pick me out of the 1,000s of bloggers out there to feature. But lo and behold, someone did! It's such an honor

As excited as I am to have our story out there to hopefully reach and encourage others and to show them Jesus, I'm also thrilled to have found such a beautiful and uplifting magazine. They offer all kinds of fun downloads for your computer and phone back screens, printable scriptures for your home, 2013 and 2014 calendars, party printables, and more!

Life:Beautiful's website is about to get an overhaul (coming Oct 2013!) so make sure to follow them on Facebook for they update announcement!

Want to win a copy? Since out bought our Barnes and Noble out, I thought I'd offer one of them to you awesome people! And hey, if you don't win, they're only $5 at your local B&N!
**Life:Beatiful did not ask me to write this post. All opinions are my own.