One place in Mexico where I have always taken the teams of missionaries is Nuevo Progresso. It's a fun market where bargaining is the name of the game and the lonches (pictured below) are out of this world. Already I've been three times since we moved here. We go there to buy medicine for people in our colonia who can't afford to their blood pressure and other medications. It's much cheaper there. I also stopped in to buy some goodies for my Influence Conference roomies (THIS MONTH!!!) If you ever find yourself coming down to visit, this place is a must-stop tourist trap.

You can buy everything from iguanas to jewelry to sombreros to chimneyas. My favorite things to buy in Progresso are the housewares. Just the other day I found a huge yellow-painted clay plate for $1! And they do an excellent shoe shine. Pedicures are $9 and you can even get dental work done if you want.
There are a lot of kids selling gum and flowers and trinkets along the street. This little boy above kept on me about buying one of his flowers. He stood beside me the whole 30 minutes Wade got his shoes shined and repeatedly gave me his best puppydog eyes and killer smile while saying, "por favor, one dollar." I kept laughing because he was just so darn cute. Finally I said I would give him a dollar but I didn't want the flower. Instead, I wanted a photo. And he had to smile. He happily obliged ;) As did all of the adults within earshot hah!