I just returned from an amazing, fulfilling, refreshing, and restful weekend at the Influence Conference where I spent the majority of my time soaking up community with my fellow blog-sistas and the Lord. And it was so good. Today I'm back in Mexico with my other people (who felt very very far away while I was in Indy) where we recently celebrated this gorgeous little girl's birthday with a piñata party! PS. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to have one of these at my 30th.  No party will be complete without one ever again. It's just so much fun!

This is Dulce.
Her name means "candy/sweet"
She just turned 5
She's already in kindergarden
Her teacher says she talks more than she studies ;)
And she loves my husband. They're bffs.

To celebrate her birthday, Wade had the awesome idea of buying her a piñata. She has two other sisters (6 and 7) and one who is a teenager, plus there are tons of kids nearby and he just knew it would make for a fun time.

While Wade hung the piñata, Dulce went inside and changed into her "birthday" dress. Is she adorable or what? I'm mean, come on. C U T I E!

Y'all, this piñata was made of S T E E L! None of the kids could put a dent in it. Wade and I even gave it a go to no avail! Eventually, we cut a hole in the bottom and let Wade take another turn. Let's just say, the kids got their share of sugar ;) I would have taken a photo if I wasn't afraid to lose an arm in the process -- It's crazy-ville when those things split open!

Feliz Cumpleaños Dulce!
We love you "sweetie"

Psst. By the way, if you hurry, you might be able to snag an early bird ticket for next year's Influence Conference at a much lower price! I already got mine!