Blogtember Day 8: How has blogging/social media changed you?

What better way to answer this question than to share more about the Influence Conference? (oh wait, I talked about that yesterday too?) It is one of the biggest avenues for change that I've encountered through blogging and social media. I attended last year and will be returning to this years conference in just a few WEEKS! I'm so excited. See my 2013 conference meet and greet post here!

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I've ever only been to this one blog conference (I plan on attending Hope Spoken in March and would love to attend Flourish one day)and I can tell you this: it is incredible planned and put on. This year, we will be starting out with a shoe cutting party, hosted by Sole Hope, which I am really excited about. I love the idea of starting the conference in a missional way. Because of the ladies of Influence, many children in Africa will be barefoot no more. And that makes me so happy :)

While I learned many things about streamlining my social media presence and blogging as a ministry, the thing about the conference that I treasure most are the friendships it solidified. I spend many days with these girls in their little blog space, as they do mine; so to meet them and actually speak with them face to face was such a natural thing.

There were nervous times, to be sure, but now that I've got one conference under my belt, I feel confident that I'll be much more comfortable this time around. I got this ;) hah!

Other ways blogging and social media has changed my life is that the people in this community have helped me to change the lives of OTHERS. They helped me throw a rockin' QuinceƱeara for Julissa AND buy her a laptop for school, and they helped me move a family into a home close to their church and work and one that has power and running water, in addition to many other things. Just the other day, Michelle emailed me looking for some kids in Mexico to pen pal with her girls. I love that!

I've received emails and text messages and phone calls from girls in this community when the Lord has placed me on their hearts. And those times have definitely been the most humbling. It's wild to see that God is leading "Strangers" to pray on your behalf. His reach is so infinite!

But that's not to say blogging and social media hasn't changed me in not-spiritual ways too: like the fact that I take pictures of everything, you know, in case I want to blog about it. And it led me to try out stitchfix, which i loved. (Here's my referral code!) I often measure my photo taking likelihood when choosing my outfits some days, I take photos as I'm cooking, I schedule blog reading and writing into my day, and it's considered normal everyday conversation between me and my husband. So yes, blogging and social media has changed me.

Speaking of Stitchfix, I'd love for you to go over here and vote for me to win $1000 worth of stitchfix money!! I used this exact photo, name Kerrie W. Thanks!

Blogging is a huge part of my life (and social media goes hand-in-hand). It's part of my introduction when I meet new people and it's the place I go to share and remember and hopefully encourage.

Oh, and I've also had to learn (am still trying to learn) to not get embarrassed taking photos in public or talking about my blog to non-bloggers. So there's that. ;)

How has blogging and social media changed you?